Double Your Referrals


Survey At Firm

Asking if clients are satisfied builds trust.


Inspire Your Fans

20% of clients make 70% of referrals.


Spread The Word

Word-of-mouth drives 5x more sales.


Publish Testimonials

9:10 prospects check agent profiles.

Survey At Firm

Lay the Foundation Before the Deal Goes Firm

Start building trust the minute you meet a potential client. Explain what makes you unique. Commit to providing exceptional service they'll want to recommend to others.

Overdeliver. Do things right the first time. Eliminate surprises.

When the Deal Goes Firm -

  • Remind each client that they're your #1 priority.
  • Tell them how much you value their feedback.
  • Send survey invitations to everyone on the deal [include partners].

Service Alert

Change your security settings to receive alerts.

Click the link to see your most recent survey.


Inspire Your Fans

7 Days After Surveying - Pick Up the Phone

Call everyone -

  • Thank clients who completed the survey.
  • For those who didn't respond, find out why.
  • Make things right if a client has an issue.

When a firm offer is accepted, send a congratulatory handwritten note.

Survey Archive

Checked boxes or stars show which clients are your greatest fans.


Ask Fans For Their Endorsement

Remind them that your reputation is built on their support. Ask for permission to share their stories. Ask if they’ll act as a reference with prospective clients.

Fact: Agents who give referrals get more referrals. Send business to your clients. Become a trusted referral source when your clients need help [legal, construction, moving etc.].

Spread The Word

Give Fans Something to Talk About

Doing a good job isn't enough - it's expected. Do something remarkable so you're the subject of conversation.

  • Fix a problem - and don't charge for it.
  • Look different - wear a name badge all the time.
  • Toss in something extra - like window cleaning.
  • Share news your clients can use.
  • Show friendship - dinner for 4 at your favorite restaurant.
  • Be visible - send a balloon bouquet to their office.

Survey Results

Survey responses tell you what clients like best about you and the service you provide.


Have a Story That's Easy to Share

Produce a shareable What I Do| Why Me package. Your positioning is critical. Answer the question.

You should hire me because. . .

  • I am the authority on [loft conversions]
  • I specialize in [country properties]
  • I work exclusively with [seniors]
  • I have a unique [marketing process]
  • I give exceptional advice on [downsizing]
  • I guarantee [your sale]

Include Tell a Friend or Share button on all your content.

Publish Testimonials

Publish Everywhere to Build Your Reputation

Add them to your email signature, listing presentations and web profile on your personal, brokerage, franchise and industry sites.


Testimonial Stamp

Screensave, copy and paste the testimonial in all your marketing materials.


Share Reviews on Social Media Once Deals Close

When the deal is done, ask fans to repost reviews on your preferred sites.